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Our brand is based
on the responsibility towards
our environment and society.

We Care for…

Natural & Fair Fashion

Fairness, responsibility and sustainability are not contradictory to beautiful & high-quality fashion for eve in paradise.

We take our responsibility towards our environment, animals and people very seriously. For our brand we rely on a very close and trusting cooperation with our responsible partners.

At eve in paradise a unique symbiosis between sustainability and our clothing, which is characterized by its fashionable style, beautiful colour worlds and excellent wearing comfort, is created from our consistent values.

To achieve this, we work primarily with the highest quality, certified natural materials from which our collections are designed.

On the other hand, we select our production partners exclusively and rely on the highest transparency in our production cycle. This is how we support the “I made your clothes” initiative.

We also support associations and events that specialize in sustainability in the fashion industry.

Last but not least, we are constantly setting new standards in our own company and actively seek opportunities to act sustainably and responsibly, even right up to the last process.


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