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Senatex GmbH was able to record an increase in orders with its women’s fashion brand “eve in paradise” despite the ongoing pandemic.

The brand eve in paradise has recently undergone a realignment of the collection while at the same time promoting sustainability more strongly. A recipe for success that works. This is shown not at least by the increasing numbers in sales and incoming orders.

“We shaped our brands appearance with the current fall / winter 2020-21 collection and have concentrated on our strengths. This has been very well received by our customers and has opened up many new opportunities for us.” Says Sales Manager, Harald Kirsch.

With the current autumn / winter collection, the brand has gotten a new structure in the form of four color themes. They come onto the market on different delivery dates and enable customers to constantly discover new fashions during the season. Thanks to the new collaboration with the Berlin fashion designer, Barbara Westphalen, the contemporary brand has become more fashionable, younger and sporty – feminine. At the same time, the strengths and core competencies of the eve in paradise brand were promoted. The company, which has been characterized by the use of high-quality and natural materials and fair production conditions since its foundation, was able to be certified for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile) standard in July 2020 and is going to include some products in the upcoming spring / summer collection awarded the PETA APPROVED VEGAN seal. The company also uses certified yarns and fabrics that comply with ecological and animal welfare guidelines. In the future, there will be more emphasis on production in European countries such as Portugal.

The company is also a member of the international association of the textile industry (IVN), which advocates socially responsible and ecological economic practices and the textile industry.

The collections of the brand eve in paradise are based on a slow fashion concept. The items are “ready to wear” and available in attractive entry price levels. According to the company, the customers of the brand are self-confident and cheerful, grown-up women who appreciate the natural qualities of the brand and who rely on a good feeling on the skin and comfort while being fashionable at the same time. The company’s logo therefore bears the brand-enhancing addition “finest natural quality”, which is improved  by the new slogan: “See it, Feel it, Love it”.

With this further development, Senatex GmbH was able to achieve increasing incoming orders for the coming spring / summer collection despite uncertain market conditions.

 “We see the increasing number of incoming orders as a good sign that we are on the right track and that the combination of fashionable clothing and sustainable and fair production is very encouraging. The ongoing pandemic is causing planning uncertainties, but we see our customers wishes to buy responsible yet fashionable clothing. We want to continue on this path and concentrate more on the further development of our collections. Our young team is very motivated and together we stand for the values ​​of our brand.” So the managing director of Senatex GmbH, Yutang Wu.

The next step of eve in paradise is the expansion of the online range. “The lockdown in the spring of this year showed us how important it is to have a digital presence in the market. This led to the decision to significantly expand the range of our own online shop and to offer it on other digital platforms of the online fashion trade. For this we looked for a promising partner agency that supports us with the logistical processing and enables us a responsible flow of goods as well as sustainable returns processing.” explains Harald Kirsch.

The upcoming collection will be available on the online platforms at the beginning of 2021.

Further information about Senatex GmbH and the brand eve in paradise can be found on our website.

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