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December 2021: 
Forestworks instead of fireworks:
Senatex GmbH thanks all partners for their loyalty in 2021 and the support for the joint reforestation project in cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®

“Save paradise earth” is one of the guidelines of the fashion company Senatex GmbH, which sells women’s clothing under the brand “eve in paradise”. In addition to the selection of sustainable and natural materials, long-lasting qualities and fair production partners, there are many other activities taken by the company that contribute to climate and environmental protection.

One of them is the reforestation project in collaboration with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

“We thought about how we can work with our customers to create something that is good for our earth and its environment in the long term,” explains managing director, Yutang Wu, the intention behind the project.

“A climate protection project through active reforestation is ideally suited for this. A project partner was quickly found in the PLANT-MY-TREE® initiative. Among other things, they stand for regional plantings, TÜV-certified projects and project lifetimes of at least 99 years. “

The company’s customers can simply take part in the project by placing their order. Senatex GmbH donates one tree for each sales unit, for which the customers adopt a sponsorship including their own tree certificate. It shows exactly which trees have been planted where.

By the end of 2021, more than 1000 trees had already come together through the cooperation of Senatex GmbH, its customers and partners. 735 of them are already planted. Another 352 are planned to be planted in spring 2022.

Harald Kirsch, Head of Brand, thanks them for this: “We just want to say thank you for this. This climate protection project is a matter close to our hearts. We are very pleased about the encouragement and support from our customers and partners, who, especially after difficult economic times, have insisted on investing in environmental protection. “

At the end of 2021, Harald Kirsch was present at the planting in Hohenaspe and provided active support with the planting. “I was able to see the project for myself on site. The team and the founder of PLANT-MY-TREE, Sören Brüntgens, gave me a lot of important information and facts about climate protection and reforestation. I am sure that we will make a valuable contribution. “

With many thanks for the year 2021 and the resolution to continue this project, Senatex GmbH is going through the Christmas season and the turn of the year. The goal for the next year is again: “forestworks instead of fireworks!”

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