Pressemeldung Senatex GmbH / eve in paradise

April 2023:
Senatex GmbH looks back on a very pleasing and successful autumn/winter 2023 order round.

Despite a partly still tense situation in the specialized textile retail trade, the eve in paradise brand closes the autumn/winter 2023 sales phase positively with a clear double-digit increase in sales. “We notice a great response from customers to our brand DNA, to which we consistently adhere. Fashion, natural materials and certified sustainability on top speak for eve in paradise. We use the finest yarns and fabrics in our collection development. True to our brand tagline ‘Finest natural quality’. “When you hold our articles in your hands the feel and our distinctive skin feel immediately comes to life. Just like our slogan ‘See it, Feel it, Love it'” explains Harald Kirsch, Head of Brand. 

As a knitwear specialist, the slow fashion brand eve in paradise was able to achieve very good sales with its partners in the past winter season. Especially the special keypieces and the fashion basics, for which eve in paradise is known, contributed to the success. But also the fact that you can get by with only three delivery rythms per season and have no limit or budget requirements is considered very positive.

“We have currently been able to generate more than 35 new contacts via our showrooms and inspire them to join eve in paradise. Among them are absolute target customers of our sales team such as P&C in Vienna or van Drathen.

But even after the first successful tests, we were able to significantly expand our partnership with the fashion house Baltz in Bochum or the fashion houses Dollinger in Bavaria,” adds Harald Kirsch, who is also responsible for national and international sales.

eve in paradise is also participating in the first test area of the Green Change concept of EK-Bielefeld. Since 09.03.2023, the space has been active at the Kutsam fashion store in St. Valentin in Austria.