Nature & Silk

Our story

The basic elements of our label have their origin in the love of painting and nature.

Our Story

Yutang Wu, founder and managing director of eve in paradise, has been very attached to nature since his youth.

His origins lie in a very rural region of China, where environment and nature have always played an important role in daily life. A respectful treatment of it was the basis for the successful work with nature.

Silk production played a major role in Yutang Wu’s youth. The process fascinated him. He also loved painting and so he started to express his creativity by painting the precious silk scarves.

His devotion and passion manifested in a unique style that soon attracted public interest.

So Yutang Wu decided to found the label senas (silk and natural fabrics) in Hanover, Germany in 1992. The company Senatex was born.

A team was formed quickly and a short time later, in addition to high-quality scarves and shawls, the first women’s fashion collection was developed. At that time still under the label senas.

Through a relaunch of the designs, our current label eve in paradise was finally founded in 2012. Since then, our brand has stood for high-quality fashion made of natural and high-quality materials that promise the highest level of comfort and well-being.

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We Care!

We are aware of our social responsibility towards our environment, the animals, fair working conditions and the people with whom we work every day and have been working together for many years, consciously. We see sustainability as an ongoing process. The work on this important issue is based on our values. Today’s sustainability stands with us in harmony with fashionable trends, beautiful colour worlds and with our feminine, wearable fashion. Find out about our measures for sustainable fairness, respect and environmental protection.