Title collection autum-winter-2022-23

Autumn/ Winter

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Autumn/ Winter 2022-23
from eve in paradise

The Autumn/ Winter 2022-23 collection is characterized by natural materials and a lot of love for knitwear. There are wonderful styles with 4 delivery dates in the stores. So you can always rediscover yourself with eve in paradise. We attach great importance to our sustainable slow fashion concept. Natural fabrics and yarns lead to excellent quality and an incomparable skin feel.

Many of our fashion items are certified, e.g. GOTS, PETA vegan approved and some more. Be curious.

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global Nomads Title eve in paradise

Global Nomads

Neutral tones meet fresh and exciting color
accents. Boho elements are combined with
sporty and feminine designs. Created for a
fashion-conscious early autumn.

blue moutains title by eve in paradise

Blue Mountains

Shades of cool blue and sage combined
with light silver-grey convey the icy mood
of meadows and mountain ranges covered
with the first frost of the year.

Foggy Valley

Cozy knit and elegant designs made from
natural tones are perfectly combined with
beautiful prints. Contemporary, fashionable
and with an incomparable feeling
on the skin.

Rosy Woods

The harmonious look for the icy winter days
is determined by it‘s soft and natural colors.
Cozy and modern coarse and fine knit meets
elegant flower designs and geometric prints.
The style is high quality, versatile and modern.


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