We are GOTS certified

Senatex GmbH has been officially GOTS certified since July 2nd, 2020.

As a sustainable company that shows responsibility towards the environment and society, we now carry the GOTS seal. It’s called the Global Organic Textile Standard.

We are proud to be able to underpin our commitment to our environment with this seal. GOTS is a reputable standard that ensures that companies in the textile industry guarantee a holistic, responsible product manufacturing and working method trough the entire production chain.

The criteria of the GOTS include:

  • Use of organic certified natural fibers and yarns
  • Separation and identification of product components within the production chain
  • Complete elimination of toxic, chemical additives in textile production
  • Waste and waste water minimization
  • Use of recycled or certified materials for labeling and packaging, no PVC
  • High standards in product quality
  • Development of the entire supply chain according to high social standards, based on the international labor organization ILO
  • More information is available on the GOTS website

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